What is Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript-based free and open-source web application framework developed by Google’s Angular Team in collaboration with a community of individuals and businesses. Angular is a complete rebuild of the AngularJS framework.
Angular is a programming framework. three main platforms includes in the Angular:-

  • A framework for creating scalable web applications based on components.
  • A set of well-integrated libraries that cover a wide range of functions, such as routing, form management, client-server communication, and more.
  • A set of developer tools that aid you in the development, building, testing, and updating of your code.

Getting started with Angular project setup

Angular setup, install and components generate for beginners guide

How to install,setup angular project?

Step 1. Node js download and install on your computer
Download node js here https://nodejs.org/en/
Step 2. Install the Angular CLI
Open your command line (cmd) and type… this one npm install -g @angular/cli
Step 3. Create angular new project/app
After then go to command prompts (cmd) on type… ng new my-ag-app , and “my-ag-app” this one app or project name.
Step 4. Run angular project/app for use this one command ng serve .
Step 5. Open your web browser this one link paste http://localhost:4200/ on your web browser. your angular project/app ready and install in your computer. After your angular project complate setup and install in localhost, see below screenshot-

How to install, setup angular in your computer

What is angular components?

Components are critical in the Angular framework. Different components are used to construct the application’s structure. Because components are reusable, they assist in keeping the application’s modularity. When you build an Angular application, these are the component files that are produced by default.

Default types angular components

  • app.component.css
  • app.component.html
  • app.component.spec.ts
  • app.component.ts
  • app.module.ts

How many types of components in angular?

There are two types of component in Angular:-
Parent– The Parent component is the one that is predefined and imported when you create the App/folder.
Child– The Child component, however, is the one that you can create according to your designs.

How to generate components in angular?

First run your Angular app on command prompts (cmd) this one command ng serve
After then type… this one command ng generate component for create components in Angular app.