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Kinnser, which is now known as WellSky Home Health, is the online web–based software technology product that is built to offer various healthcare services like automatic Medicare eligibility checks, easy-to-use dashboards, billing, scheduling, online claim management, etc.

This is a cloud-based business Intelligence software that provides resources and tools to help clients improve revenue and to reduce their overall costs. It also offers important analytics data and important reports that clients can use to make better decisions per their business goals.

What is Kinnser?

Kinnser is a software company that offers home healthcare management solutions for patients, physicians, and agencies. They provide a web–based platform that allows agencies to manage their patient, communicate with other healthcare providers, document patient information, and schedule appointments and allow agencies to manage their patients.

This wonderful software also includes features like mobile applications, telehealth, and analytics tools for helping agencies to improve patient outcomes and to streamline their operations.

The company offers healthcare providers services and software, including electronic health records, patient engagement tools, and revenue cycle management.

What are some important features of Kinnser?

  1. Due to the easy charting facility, it has the ability to reduce patient loads.
  2. It has easy-to-access online training resources.
  3. Easy to use web-based interface.
  4. Provides sticky notes.
  5. Convenient customer service and quick resolution of issues and complaints.
  6. User-friendly billing manager application and users can easily manage their claims.

How can you log in to Kinnser’s home page?

Follow the below steps to log in to the home page of Kinnser.

  1. Visit the official website of Kinnser’s, i.e., (acquired by WellSky Home Health)
  2. Now click on the login option located in the top right corner.
  3. A new page will appear where you will find a list of products Kinnser offers.
  4. Now click on the product which you want to access.
  5. Then a new login page will appear on your device screen; enter your username and password to access the account there.

Note – For accessing, you can visit the direct login page at and then enter your username and password to access the account.

How can you reset the password of your Kinnser account?

If you have lost your password to the Kinnser account and want to reset it, simply follow the steps below to recover/reset your password.

  1. First, visit the link
  2. Now click on the unlock account or forgot password link present on the login page.
  3. To reset the password, you can also visit the direct link at
  4. Here enter your registered email address and your username.
  5. After this, hit the continue button, and you will receive a link for password reset in your mailbox.
  6. Follow the instructions given in that mail, and you will be able to reset the password successfully.


Getting access to the Kinnser account is a simple process. This software provides an effective and convenient way to manage hospital and home health agency operations.

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